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Tuudo is not a recruitment app nor another web page to browse. Tuudo is the one and only university’s service channel, that student’s use daily. Now You have the chance to be part of it!
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Tuudo is a mobile app to make student life simpler. With Tuudo, students manage their studies and ease their daily life, both on and off the campus. They can enjoy institution’s most important services and study information on their mobile device – safely, simply and surely up to date.
Tuudo pulls together the important study-related services into a single channel, along with a place for relevant, value-adding services and job opportunities in the same app.
Job opportunities in web pages and news papers often go amiss. Mobile phones – and apps – are always at hand, and you can use Tuudo to recruit capable university students. Because Tuudo is not only a recruitment app, students can see the job opportunities even if they are not actively searching for job opportunities.